“Un universo pequeño representa mi imaginario del universo en 2,5 segundos y 10 metros lineales de calle. 

El proyecto es un largometraje de 2,5 segundos formado por imágenes y secuencias referenciando el principio de las cosas, la tecnología, la religión, el universo, la calle, el amor, la materia y sus distintas formas, lo más básico de la condición humana, la contemporaneidad, la publicidad y el final de la existencia.

En el libro las imágenes representan un espacio en función de su duración temporal; son contenedores de tiempo. Una imagen realizada a 1/40 seg. de velocidad de obturación, es físicamente 10 veces más grande que otra disparada a 1/400 seg. El libro por lo tanto es un intento de materializar algo tan mínimo, abstracto y complejo como 2,5 segundos de existencia, un pedacito de materia o un espacio pequeño.

Si el universo se define como la suma de la totalidad de materia, tiempo y espacio, este libro de "fotografía de calle" es el intento de abordar un universocontrolado y los elementos que lo contienen para hablar de la condición humana en el momento en el que vivimos."

Antonio M Xoubanova, 2015
“A Small Universe is my imagining of the universe in 2.5 seconds and 10 linear metres of street.

The project is a 2.5-second-long feature film comprised of images and sequences which reference the beginning of things – technology, religion, the universe, the street, love, matter and its different forms, the basics of the human condition, contemporaneity, advertising and the end of existence.

The images in the book represent a space according to their size; they are containers of time. An image captured at 1/40 second shutter speed is physically 10 times larger than another shot at 1/400 second. The size of each image is determined by the amount of time it contains. The book is therefore an attempt to materialize something as minimal, abstract and complex as 2.5 seconds of existence – a fragment of matter, or a smallspace.

If the universe is defined as the total sum of all matter, time and space, this book of “street photography” is the attempt to address a controlled universeand the elements it contains, which in the end reveal themselves to be complex and uncontrollable.”

Antonio M Xoubanova, 2015

“At its base, Un universo pequeño seeks to convey, in visual terms, that of a similarity to speech. This is where the base of communication meets that of the expression of the visual. That is not to say that the book is “talking at” but rather dissecting and expanding the potential for language within an image, within a potential for cognitive perception. The effect of which, is to combine data and re-position it in a larger more memory engaging sequence of potential. This speech works between organs of eye, mouth, and brain in a manner of inner-cognition. Each fragment is meant to be ruminated over and in doing so becomes scrutinized for an examination of meaning which operates under a new nuanced, but unknowable perception. It further contextualizes the lens towards that of the microscope. In doing so, it does not present this communication as absolute, but rather ponders the credibility of its perception through the microcosm of small unending components and the inevitable questioning of what belongs before and after, thus stretching the potential of the singular into a sprawling chasm of indifference until a organized system, if ever possible, becomes available. It suggests that in short, we are lazy with our attentions and that within a bit-feed operating system of language, we are indebted to certain failure to understand the sum of the mouth, brain and eye’s ability to organize elementary components of cast light. This an important book and it stretches further than just cinematic, photographic, and communicable language, thus synthesizing it’s meaning as relative and viral to paraphrase Burroughs.”

Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, September 2015


Galería Ángeles Baños, Badajoz, 2015
Wer-haus, Barcelona, 2015
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles, 2017


Un universo pequeño, by Antonio M. Xoubanova
Standard edition, 2015

Published by Ca l’Isidret and Rondade
Design by Eloi Gimeno
Printed in Barcelona



Un universo pequeño, by Antonio M. Xoubanova
Collectors’ edition, 2015

Limited edition of 10 copies designed by Eloi Gimeno. With a standard copy of UN UNIVERSO PEQUEÑO in a methacrylate box of size 31,5 x 22,0 x 5 cm with a unique photograph of size 20,0 x 28,5 cm signed by the author and a text by Iván del Rey. Each box is distinguished by an engraved number and it is linked to a unique photograph.



ASX, US. Brad Feuerhelm, September 2015
Tank Magazine, UK. Summer 2016

“Antonio M. Xoubanova is a photographer and the co-founding member of the Blank Paper Collective. Following the success of his first book Casa de Campo, Un Universo Pequeño explores the different worlds experienced in a single city on a minute temporal level. Xoubanova set himself the challenge of measuring the elastic nature of time by photographing in one square meter of a busy Madrid street. This extraordinary book translates this experiment by scaling the images according to the span of the shutter speed. It’s a complex as it sounds, but affects a Proustian sense of time.”

Michael Mack


Gigante, 2014
Casa de campo. Mack, 2013