44 pages
31 monotone images
13,8 cm x 20,0 cm
Inkjet printing

Edition of 1
September 2006

"Reeling is a personal reseach experience. Trying to avoid my prior works that were more intime and closed, I try to open myself to the others using direct and straight meetings with people that, somehow, they belong to my momentary world. Photography must be the vehicule that allow me to face this people in a sincere way in order to get their esence and, at the same time, to get my own esence. However, while trying to develope the project, this clear objectives collapsed. The difficulty to do the work, to meet people and open myself to unknown people, and their difficulty to open themselves to me, takes me to do more closed pictures, far from my first purpose, because of my desorientation and and my pain"

Roger Guaus, 2006

Thanks to Michelle Blake, Lorenzo Castore, Ludmila Ketslach, Alessandro Tattini and Gianfranco Tripodo.