112 pages
44 monotone + color images
13,0 cm x 19,0 cm
Text in Catalan 
Laser printing
Softcover + band

Edition of 12

"In my defense, I can only say that I did it as well as I knew how. Fatherhood is a difficult job and nobody teaches it anywhere; you need to teach yourself, and in the end there are always times when you do something inappropriate. I don’t want you to think I’m writing this to soothe my conscience. No, that’s not why. What is done is done and we don’t need to revisit it in order to justify anything. I would like for you to understand it as a way of having a conversation with you. It’s highly possible that you’re thinking “Why didn’t we have this dialogue before, face to face?” Look my son, the truth is that I’ve never known how to tackle these issues with conversation; I certainly would never be able to say the things I am writing to you. So it’s easier for me to write, as I’m doing now"

Thoughts of a fifty-year-old father, Manel Guaus, 1998