52 pages
32 monotone images 
14,5 cm x 20,5 cm
Laser printing
Scotch tape

Edition of 1

"What do you think about my way of seeing things in general? I mean, what do you think about the things I focus on and the things I don’t focus on? Why do you think I look at the world in this specific way? You have a very strong personality, I consider you exceedingly intelligent and you don’t let yourself get swept into what everyone else is doing. You look at things in the way you’re most comfortable and which seems most correct to you, even if sometimes you don’t agree with my way of thinking, which is undoubtedly older and more traditional. Perhaps you are highly gifted. When you were little we never looked into it, but it that is the case, then normal, daily life might turn out very hard for you, so that, in consequence, you’ll always seek explanations for things that would never even occur to the “normal people”, or rather the “tiny people”

Interview with my mother, Roger Guaus, 2011

This is the dummy before publising El creient at Standard Books PES (Publicació Experimental Standard) in 2011. All photos were made in Montserrat, Catalonia.
Thanks to Román Yñán, Gemma Celigueta and Maria Dolors Térmens.